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Why Learn English?

There are many reasons why studying English is a valuable pursuit. First and foremost, English is the language of global communication. It is the most widely spoken language in the world, and is the primary language of international business, science, and technology. A strong command of English opens up countless opportunities for personal and professional growth, and can lead to higher salaries and greater career advancement.

Furthermore, studying English is an excellent way to sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills. It requires you to analyze complex texts, express your thoughts effectively in writing, and engage in thoughtful discussions with others. This not only benefits you academically, but also in your personal and professional relationships.

Finally, learning English exposes you to a rich and diverse culture. Through reading literature and watching films, you can gain insight into the history, values, and perspectives of English-speaking countries. This can broaden your worldview and deepen your appreciation for different ways of life.

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British Language Institute is an Institution for enhancing Communication Skills in the most effective and easy manner, for all age Groups to make them skilled in all the four skills :-(A) Reading (b) Listening (c) Speaking (d) Writing.

It focuses more on “Interactive Sessions” rather than Theoretical.
Grammar and vocabularies are taught through a Proven Method, making the students more comfortable in communication with one other in a friendly class room environment. We also focus also in Pronunciation, Voice-Modulation, Pitches as well as grooming of the Over all Personality of the students.

Basic Course

The Basic English-Speaking course aims to provide learners with the fundamental skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively in everyday situations. Through a combination of theory, practice, and interactive activities, students will develop their speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills in English.

  1. Introduce learners to common English greetings, expressions, and social interactions.
  2. Build a solid foundation in English pronunciation and phonetics.
  3. Develop essential vocabulary for various everyday topics.
  4. Enhance listening comprehension and conversational skills.
  5. Practice speaking in different scenarios and contexts.
  6. Improve fluency, accuracy, and confidence in spoken English.
  7. English alphabet and pronunciation guide
  8. Basic greetings and introductions
    Asking and answering simple questions


Parts of Speech, Articles, The Sentences, Antonyms, Synonyms, Daily use Vocabulary, Phrases and Sentences. Use of has, have, had, Simple Sentences Construction and Tenses.
News- Paper Reading
Story-writing & Narration.
Spoken- Daily routine, Interaction, Random topics, short story telling with help of hints

Intermediate course

The Intermediate English-Speaking Course is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of English and wish to improve their spoken communication skills. This course will focus on building confidence, fluency, and accuracy in speaking through various interactive activities, discussions, and role-plays. Students will also expand their vocabulary, refine pronunciation, and work on eliminating common errors in spoken English

  • Review of essential grammar structures (tenses, conditionals, reported speech)
  • Conversations and exercises to reinforce grammar concepts
  • Error correction and feedback on common grammatical mistakes


Modals, Prepositions, Tenses, some confusing words, Infinitives, 1st and 2nd Conditional Sentences Use of able to, make/made, use of ‘take’.
Spoken- Presentation, Group- Discussion, Rapid-Fire Round, Presentation Etiquettes

Advance Course

The Advanced English Spoken Course is designed for individuals who already possess a strong foundation in the English language and wish to further enhance their spoken communication skills. This course aims to help participants become more fluent, confident, and articulate speakers, focusing on advanced grammar, vocabulary expansion, pronunciation, and conversation practice. Through interactive activities, role-plays, and discussions, students will develop their ability to express themselves effectively in a variety of real-life situations.

Assessment Methods:

  • Regular in-class speaking exercises and role-plays
  • Weekly quizzes to test grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • Participation in discussions and debates
  • Final speaking assessment and presentation



Tenses and there use in communication, Complex Sentences, Conjunctions, Hypothetical situational rules use of ‘Let’, Modals, Prepositions, Active/Passive voice, Narrations and Gerund, 3rd conditional
Vocabulary (formal & informal and Expressions)
Spoken-Extempore, G.D, Presentation, Public speaking skills, Situational Conversation and

Mock Test – Every Saturday & Sunday Regular Training Sessions
Monday to Friday
Saturday: Remedial Classes Weekend Classes Customized