As we all know, Language is a medium to express our views and opinions with each other. All of us need a medium to talk, share and express our actions and that is our language.

India is a country where people speak different languages in different places as it has unity in diversity.

Hindi is spoken in the north whereas Tamil, Telugu, Malayan, etc., are in the South and many other languages.

But English is one of the most spoken languages around the world and learning English can open a world of opportunities.

Learning English in our daily life could be interesting, a fun activity, and an effective way to improve English Language skills.

We are sharing simple easy ways and practical tips to learn and improve your English in your daily routine.

10 ways Ways to Learn the English Language in Daily Routine

1. Learning New Words – Learn 4- 5 new vocabulary words each day. It is very important to learn new words every day and use those words while speaking.

2. Daily reading Habit – Start your day by reading a newspaper, articles to improve your English skills. The reading habit is one of the most important and effective ways to learn English.

3. Keep a Dairy and take notes – Maintain daily notes and write about your experiences, thoughts, or anything that interests you.

This will help to improve grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing skills. Stick small notes to refer to the objects at home i.e. chairs, tables, fruits, vegetable names, etc., or in daily life which helps to communicate more effectively while speaking.

4. TV time – Watch TV shows or movies in English with subtitles to increase your listening skills.

5. Word of the Day – Make the most of the time of the day! Learn a new word every day, and try to use it in the sentence during daily conversations.

6. Videos and Audios – Listen to English songs with lyrics as a subtitle or audio lessons while doing household work during the day. Whether it is a cooking video, news channel, or anything that interests you.

7. Participate In English Speaking Forums Online – Try to join or participate in English quizzes, English Forums, or discussion groups where people speak in English. Involvement in conversations, asking questions, and participating in discussions improve speaking skills and hence overcome fear and hesitation in front of the public.

8. Use Language learning apps – Use language learning apps that offer fun and interactive exercises such as games, quizzes, and challenges that make you learn more and faster.

9. Practice In Front of the Mirror – Practice, Practice, and More Practice. Practice makes a Man Perfect.

So, record yourself or stand in front of the mirror or record your voice while speaking in English and listen to the recordings and check the areas of improvement and track your own performance.

It will help to increase your self-confidence and reduce stammering, nervousness, etc while speaking to others.

10. Learn Quotes – Remember and recite the inspiring quotes, phrases, and idioms in English to boost your English skills.


Learning English can be a fun Learning Process on a daily basis. The only key important factor is consistency, discipline, practice, and implementation.

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