How english speaking helps to grow our personality


English improves our personality in many ways like communication skills because if our communication skills are better then it will easily improve our personality.

A good personality can help a person to interact with people who live in different countries who mostly speak English to communicate with others.

English help to get confidence and help in improving the social skills that are important in personality development in all aspects. In India, all states are now learning the English language because it has become an important role in their life.

English is now also called the business language because many people who live in India have their work that is to be done overseas so, to communicate with people they have to speak English.

Speaking English also judges the attitude of the person and how they are educated.

For a great personality, the person should be humble and confident while speaking English that help him to interact confidently.

Some people become very shy while speaking English which becomes a major problem in/her personality that also affect their communication skills.

People face many problems in speaking the English language because there are few words that are difficult for them to spell and they just avoid speaking in public.

To avoid this they must keep their confidence and stay positive in every word while speaking which helps them to speak in public and help them to gain a positive attitude.

English has now become a professional language for communication which is the hidden key to increasing their personality development. In India, all states are encouraging people to speak in English making English a widely used language.

In schools, English now becomes compulsory for the students that show the importance of this language, teachers also encourage their students to speak in English and encourage them to use of dictionary daily in their routine that helps them to improve their vocabulary and improve their words in communication.

Using of dictionary help in improving the skills of the student and help them to communicate with others easily. It will give them confidence and help them to achieve their goals in life. Therefore English is very important for all people it will give them a positive attitude and build up personality development.

What are the advantages of English speaking?

  • It makes you more employable
  • Networking will become easier
  • Promotion opportunities at work
  • Traveling will become easier
  • It boosts your brain power
  • Personal growth
  • Earn more money

These all are the advantages of English speaking which automatically helps our personality development.


Why speaking important?


  • Speaking allows us to communicate with others and express our thoughts and feelings.
  • Speaking skills can be separated into formal and informal speaking skills, and we use both types in a variety of contexts throughout our life. Informal speaking skills are important for conversations with friends and family.
  • It destroys your hesitation when you talk in English with your family and friends either you say incorrect or correct but the main thing that you speak in English which helps you a lot as you create a good habit in your life.



Why is personality important in communication?

  • Personality impacts how we prefer to communicate with people, as well as how we ourselves respond to information.
  • The more we understand our own communication styles and those of the people we work with, the more effective we can be as leaders, teams, and as well as colleagues.
  • Different personalities mean different communication styles as we meet many people a day and all have different personalities and they have their own communication styles.
  • This is why it’s important for people to understand their own personalities, as well as the personalities of the people around them. If people know themselves better, they can understand how they prefer to communicate. And if they know their colleagues better, they can talk with them more effectively, develop better relationships, and create a friendlier and more united team environment.


How does public speaking improve confidence to build a personality?

It Boosts Confidence when you speak with many people. Public speaking repeatedly is a great boost for self-confidence. Every time we speak, we gain a bit more confidence as we see our ideas and ourselves were well-received by our audience. We learn many new things from an audience that how to respond and speak properly and we are aware and present of mind at that time.

How do I improve my English?

  • Watch movies in English.
  • Immerse yourself in English language news.
  • Start a vocabulary book of useful words.
  • Have conversations in English.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat.
  • Don’t forget to have fun while you learn.
  • Watch TED Talks.
  • Read about your favorite topics.
  • Use a vocabulary notebook.
  • Enjoy songs and films.
  • Keep talking.


Be friendly with English don’t be afraid to speak in English if you develop your interest and work on it and follow these all points then you will definitely achieve your goal and you daily talk in English and you used to talk in English and time by the time you become curious about all things and wish to know more and more and find opportunities to gain knowledge.


  •  Always read English newspapers daily and watch English movies with subtitles.
  • Make a notebook and write daily one page that what you think and it should be in continuation. What you think just write it down in English which helps you a lot.
  •  Take classes on English speaking to be a better one.
  •  People who have a good command of the English language can easily boost their personalities because when a person is fluent in English, it gives him the confidence to speak openly in groups, among friends and co-workers fearlessly.
  •  Others are more interested in listening to what a person is saying if he speaks well, and they pay little attention to how he appears. When such a person learns English online with proficient teachers, he picks up new skills and adapts to them quickly.


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